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Posted: 17 Mar 2009
17:58 GMT
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Hey guys,

I have a TI-84 Silver Edition that I've bought recently (I got TI-Connect along with it). I uploaded MirageOS onto it and the LCD screen fix. Super Mario 2.0 runs OK, but I'm having problems with other games.

1) For some reason, Pimp Quest 4 doesn't show up under APPS and in MirageOS, I can only run it by going into the PRGM menu. The game runs fine, but I've been wondering, why PRGM and not APPS.

2) I tried to upload Pokemon Blue because I've heard it's a really good clone of the GameBoy version. I downloaded the game, cleared as much memory as possible and tried to upload it. In the readme it says that the files: ZPF, ZTOWN, ZM, and Pic8 should go into the Archive, so I pointed them there. The file PKMNRED.8xg has to go to the RAM. But TI-Connect won't let me put it into the RAM. When I upload the game into the Archive and then try to run it, I only see the opening screen with Pikachu for a second and then it quits.

3) Other programs also don't show up under APPS, the PRGM menu or MirageOS.

Any help?
Posted: 17 Mar 2009
18:58 GMT
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1. I can't find Pimp Quest 4, so if you could provide a link, that would be great. My guess is that it's a BASIC game. To make it appear in Mirage, unarchive it and add in a colon (':') on the first line.
So it would look like:

:<rest of program>

2. I'm going to assume you mean this...When you send group files, can't you select all the files and click "Set to RAM"?

3. Do they appear in the memory menu? Perhaps they were not transferred correctly.

Posted: 11 Aug 2009
17:41 GMT
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im a newbie 2 and i dont even know how 2 add games on my calculator me out?
Posted: 11 Aug 2009
22:59 GMT
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General Guide
Transfer Games
Posted: 13 Aug 2009
10:13 GMT
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It sounds to me like you need to ungroup your group files.

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