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Posted: 31 Jul 2009
05:08 GMT
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i have a ti-84 plus silver edition and somethings wrong with my graphing y= thing. when i press the y= button it has an arrow next to the y1= instead of the normal backslash. and when i press 2nd format there is an extra setting called trailoff/trailon that i did not have before. and when i press window it says "settings" next to the "window"

i tried looking in the manual packet and i found nothing. i checked on google and everything. plz help
Posted: 31 Jul 2009
06:34 GMT
Total Posts: 375
first problem, press y= and then press left arrow key. The "arrow" will be blinking because its selected, press enter until it returns to a slash.

Don't know about the rest, check your mode settings maybe.

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