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Below is a list of administrators who run and maintain with their usernames in ( )'s. If you have a question regarding calculators in general (i.e. "how do i put games on my calculator?") DO NOT contact these people. There are several services that we provide that may help you. First, try posting your question in our forum. Another method of getting help would be joining the IRC channel #calcgames on (click here for a tutorial on using IRC).

For website bugs or comments, contact Konstantin or Nikky (See below).
For website content comments or changes, contact Morgan, Nikky or Konstantin (See below).


Barrett Anderson (Barrett) Admin Webmaster (back-end coding)
Site Programming (perl, php)
Win/68K Programming
Calc Graphics

Konstantin Beliakov (zkostik) Admin Webmaster (website)
JS/CGI Programming
Calc Graphics

Jason Lo (spiral) Admin
Calc Graphics

Michael O'Brien (Digital)
-- Retired -- Admin
Computer Graphics
Calc Graphics
68K Programming

Morgan Davies (Morgan) Admin
File Archiver

Nikky Southerland (allynfolksjr) Admin
Daily Site Operation and Maintenance
Site Programming (Perl and perhaps a smattering of PHP)

George Limpert (redux)
-- Retired (but not gone) -- Admin
News Editor
Newsletter Editor

Hanze Studenbach (Zinearety)
-- Retired -- Admin
Calc Graphics

Content Management

Andy Janata (Andy) Content Administrator/Manager
Newsletter Editor
News Editor
Z80 Programmer

W Austin Hibdon (SoberTillNoon) Senior Content Manager
68k Programmer

Trevor Tran (Midnight Walker) Senior Content Manager

Nate Buda (torrenttrue) Content Manager admin

Matthew Offner (darksideprogramming) Content Manager

Joe C. (Master JC a.k.a. JcCorp) Content Manager

Neil F. (korkow) Content Manager

Ryan Mahler (ryantmer) Content Manager

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